We do what we say we’re going to do for our customers, for the people we work with and our communities.

Kelly Road Builders, Inc. is one of the most trusted leaders in the road construction industry today. Established in 1999, we specialize in milling and asphalt paving throughout the Southeast. Work with us and you’ll see that what we do takes a back seat to how and why we do it.


We operate a total of eight half-lane mills, three full-lane milling machines. We perform jobs as far west as Texas, and as far east as North Carolina. Heading into our 20th year, we’re proud that our customers can rely on us. We want them to rest easy knowing that we are providing communities with a combination of the most sophisticated equipment and technology in today’s industry in tandem with the finest, most skilled workforce possible. This strategy guarantees a 100% success rate, and is what has guided Kelly Road Builders to become one of the largest and most-trusted milling operations in the Southeast. Kelly Road Builders is also a certified participant in the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program.


At Kelly Road Builders, we not only work to connect roadways, but we do so knowing we’re also connecting local communities and the people who live within them. Our company is driven by a firm belief that providing quality work that is built to last is a key factor in strengthening the infrastructure of local communities. Our commitment to strong values enhances the integrity of the company as a whole, and allows us to maintain solid and lasting relationships with customers and partners.

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We only hire exceptional employees who are able to help us achieve exceptional results. Kelly Road Builders is comprised of hard working, dedicated employees who choose to give their best day in and day out. There is no question that the cornerstone of our company stands rock solid due to the commitment of our entire team to pursue nothing but excellence.

When our team members help complete a successful project, they know they’re not only achieving success for the company as a whole, but they’re achieving personal success as well. With that in mind, our investment begins with our employees first, giving them necessary resources and every available opportunity to develop their skills, grow as individuals, and excel within our company.


We firmly believe that the quality, experience, and safety of our employees is what creates quality work. Our success is determined by many aspects, but none is larger than the adherence to safety measures by every member of our team. Safety is an essential part of the job every day. Our employees participate in ongoing training, keeping them up to date on the most current safety practices and making them the best in the road construction industry. For us, safety isn’t just an expectation; it’s a core principle in our company. We believe that our most successful work is achieved not only when the client and our employees walk away from a job well done, but also walk away from it safely.


Jerry Kelly, President

Robert Kelly

Melissa Sahagun, CFO,CPA

David Rice, Vice President, Estimating

Joe Kilgore, Superintendent

Travis Matthews, Asphalt Paving Superintendent

Tiesha Whatley, HR Manager

Marlyn Amin, Administrative Support

Kathryn Sesser-Dorné, Social Media Manager